Shore Leave

Shore Leave 5.png


You've been holed-up on some cold & cramped vessel the last few months (a.k.a Winter). You deserve a night-off on land, a chance to remind yourself what it's like to truly LIVE again. Unleash your summer self, as the Voyager crew goes deep on tropical bevvies, Chinese-American food, and every floral pattern imaginable. Tuesday, January 30th, 2018.

We’re teaming up with Rhum JM and Rhum Clément to mix Caribbean & Tiki classics like Ti' Punch and the Mai Tai, our very own tropical originals, and maybe even a Scorpion Bowl for two. You can expect plenty of flaming citrus and over-the-top glassware throughout the evening.

Sichuan seafood specialties like Chongqing fish. Sweet & sour Dungeness Crab. Dry-chili chicken, Walnut Shrimp and so much more. Hot & sour, smoky & sweet, bright & floral. ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Reservations highly recommended. To book a table, email